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Security Design Review

Silva Consultants provides services to review architectural design and construction documents prepared by others to determine if all physical security requirements have been properly incorporated into the design.


The Security Design Review, sometimes known as a “QC Plan Review” or “Peer Review”, provides independent validation of the security design and can often catch errors that would be difficult and expensive to correct if discovered later during construction.


The Security Design Review typically includes:

  • Review of security program, design drawings, and specifications
  • Review of general security concepts for buildings and site
  • Review for compliance with recognized CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principals.
  • Review of security related design elements, including:
  • Doors and lock hardware
    • Fencing and gates
    • Landscaping
    • Vehicular barriers
    • Parking lot and site lighting
    • Electronic security systems
    • Security screening equipment
    • Safes, vaults, and file storage systems
    • Bullet or blast resistant barriers
    • Security signage
    • Emergency communications systems
    • Security control room
    • Security equipment rooms
    • Security of telephone and data rooms
    • Security of critical utilities
    • Protection of HVAC air intakes
  • Preparation of written Security Design Review Report. The report identifies any deficiencies or inconsistencies noted and provides suggestions for improvements.
  • Consultation with owner, architect and other members of design team as needed to answer questions or clarify comments in the report.


The best time to have a Security Design Review performed is when the construction documents are about 95% complete, however we can perform the review earlier or later and still provide meaningful results.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation on what it would cost for us to conduct a Security Design Review for your new facility.


(For review of security at existing facilities, see Security Assessments.)



Did You Know?

Mistakes in construction documents can often be easy to correct during the design phase but difficult and expensive to correct once construction is already underway


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