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The links below provide access to a collection of "Security Tips". These are short articles that have been written by Michael A. Silva, founder of Silva Consultants, over the years. These tips cover a variety of topics, and are primarily addressed to people who manage security for their company or organization.


Michael tries to publish a Security Tip on a new topic approximately every thirty days. To be notified when a new Security Tip is published, please follow us on Twitter using the button above.


Do you have a question about a security topic not covered in one of these Tips? Please contact us with your question and we will try and provide an answer or at least point you in the right direction.


Security Tips by Silva Consultants

Alphabetical Listing of All Security Tips

Alarm System Communications

Anti-Passback Feature in Access Control Systems

Are Closed-Circuit Television Cameras An Invasion Of Privacy?

Are Service Contracts for Security Systems a Good Deal?

Are You Guilty of "Negligent Security"

Are You Throwing Your Company Secrets In The Trash?

Bad Shear Locks

Buying the Equipment is the Easy Part

Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios for Security Use?

Common Mistakes in Security System Design

Concentric Circles of Protection

Conflicts between Security and Life Safety Codes

Controlling Outgoing Shipments

Delayed-Egress Locking Systems on Exit Doors

Design of Service Counters for Good Security

Designing Lobbies for Good Security

Discovery of a Crime Scene

Do Your Doors With Electric Strikes Latch Properly?

Don't Say "No" - Say "How"

Effective Key Management Procedures

Electronic Safe Locks

Employee Security Awareness

Establishing Written Policies for the Use of Video Surveillance Systems

Evaluating Your Parking Lot Lighting

Evaluating Your Security Program

15 Common Weaknesses in Home Security

Good Housekeeping Can Improve Security

High-Security Locks

How Security Integrators Can Succeed Working with Consultants

How to be a World-Class Security Systems Integrator

How to Keep Your Security System Project on Schedule

IFMA 2014 Security Presentation

Introduction to Access Control Systems

Introduction to Automatic Gates

Introduction to Bullet-Resistant Materials

Introduction to Burglar and Fire Safes

Introduction to Electronic Visitor Management Systems

Introduction to Guard Tour Systems

Introduction to Intrusion Alarm Systems

Introduction to Panic Alarms

Introduction to Safe Rooms

Introduction to Security Intercom Systems

Introduction to Security Window Film

Point of Diminishing Returns in Security Investments

Protecting Exterior Communications Infrastructure

Reducing Security Officer Turnover

Reviewing Your Visitor Control Procedures

Security Background Checks

Security by Wandering Around

Security Incident Reporting System

Security of Desks and File Cabinets

Security of Public Restrooms

Security of Trailers and Shipping Containers at Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Security of Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Security Templates for Property Managers

Security Vulnerabilities Created By Exterior Key Switches

Security Vulnerabilities Created by Fire Department Key Boxes

Should You Always Take The "Low Bid"?

Six Low-Tech Ways in Which Your Competitors May Be Spying on You

Solving Security Problems Related to Stairways

Solving the False "Door-Forced-Open" Alarm Problem

Ten Dumb Things That Architects Do

Ten Ways to Get Poor Performance from Your Guard Company

Testing of Intrusion Alarm Systems

The Problem of "Tailgating"

The Receptionist's Role in Security

Three Dirty Little Secrets about Video Surveillance Systems

Top 15 Problems Found During a Security Assessment

Understanding the Risks of Local Crime

Use of LED Lighting for Security Purposes

Using GPS Tracking Devices for Security Purposes

Using Near Miss Reporting in Security

Using Tamper Switches on Security Equipment

Using Voice Messaging Systems in Security Applications

Weaknesses of Elevator Access Control

Why Would an Experienced Security Manager Hire a Security Consultant?

Writing an Effective RFP for Security Systems




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