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Good Housekeeping Can Improve Security

When we conduct a security assessment for a client, we frequently see a direct correlation between how well a facility is maintained and how well the security program at this facility works. When we see dirty floors, lots of clutter, or burned-out lights, we often find that security at that facility is also very poor.


Conversely, when we see a well-maintained facility, we usually find that the security program at that facility is also very effective. Good site maintenance is an important part of your facility’s overall security program. A poorly maintained site can actually encourage acts of vandalism, graffiti, and other crime.


The following site maintenance tips are suggested:

  • Keep the site clean and free of debris.

  • Avoid storing equipment or materials outdoors except in enclosed yard areas. If materials or equipment must be stored in an open area, it should be neatly stacked in an organized manner.


  • Don’t let your exterior areas become “bone yards” for unused furnishings or equipment – promptly dispose of unneeded items.


  • Do not store pallets or other items next to fences. Try to maintain at least a five-foot “clear zone” on both sides of the fence.


  • Promptly repair cracked or broken windows.


  • Clean interior and exterior light fixtures regularly.


  • Trim trees and other landscaping so that clear sight lines are maintained and so that light fixtures and security cameras are not blocked.


  • Keep walls, ceilings and floors clean. Paint walls and ceilings a light, reflective color to increase the effectiveness of lighting and improve visibility.


  • Graffiti should be removed or painted over as soon as possible after it is discovered. Prior to removing graffiti, take several photos of it. (Local law enforcement officials often request photos of graffiti so that they can identify the “tags” of specific gangs or graffiti vandals.)


If you need help in reviewing your facility to see ways in which improving housekeeping can improve security, please contact us.

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