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Other Security Consulting Services

Silva Consultants can provide services on an informal basis as required to meet your specific needs. If you need assistance in solving a particular problem, or would just like the opinion of an outside security professional, Silva Consultants can help.


Examples of services that we can provide on an informal or “ad hoc” basis can include:

  • Providing advice concerning a specific security problem or situation.

  • Providing a second opinion on security related issues.

  • Providing assistance in locating a specific security product or service.

  • Development of job descriptions for security management or staff positions.

  • Providing assistance with the interviewing and evaluation of candidates for security positions.

  • Evaluation of security vendor performance.

  • Evaluation of security systems technology.

  • Conducting cost/benefits analysis of proposed security solutions.

  • Providing assistance at security presentations to senior management or community groups.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation on what it would cost for us to provide security consulting services for your organization.

Did You Know?

Companies that do not have a security manager on staff can greatly benefit from using an outside security consultant at times when needed

Silva Consultants is located near Seattle, Washington.

Our primary service area is Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, but we serve clients in all parts of the United States.

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