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Buildings that are designed poorly from a security standpoint cause increased security risks and have higher security operating costs

Security Planning and Design


When designing a new building or planning the renovation of an existing one, it is crucial that security be considered as a part of the design and planning process.


For more than 35 years, Silva Consultants has assisted owners, architects, engineers, and property managers with the planning of security for new construction and renovation projects. The typical tasks that we perform during the security planning process are:

  • Identification of security risks and threats

  • Determination of security requirements

  • Development of preliminary security concepts for buildings and site


  • Identification of areas within the buildings that require varying degrees of protection


  • Creation of security zones


  • Development of concepts for security control and separation


  • Identification of conflicts between security and egress requirements


  • Preparation of Building Security Plan that identifies requirements for:

    • Doors and lock hardware

    • Fencing and gates

    • Landscaping

    • Vehicular barriers

    • Parking lot and site lighting

    • Electronic security systems: access control, video surveillance, security intercom, intrusion alarms, panic alarms, etc.

    • Security screening equipment: package x-ray, metal detection systems, etc.

    • Safes, vaults, and file storage systems

    • Bullet and blast resistant barriers

    • Security signage

    • Emergency communications systems

    • Security control room

    • Security equipment rooms

    • Security of telephone and data rooms

    • Security of critical utilities

    • Protection of HVAC air intakes

  • Participation in design meetings with architect, owner, and other members of design team


  • Provide consultation to architect and design team on effective implementation of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principals


  • Provide assistance in developing technical specification sections for security related systems and services


  • Provide other assistance as requested by architect or owner


Having a qualified security consultant as a part of the design team can can allow you to construct a facility that provides maximum protection of your people, information and other assets, while at the same time greatly reducing security operating costs.


Don't make security an afterthought - be sure that security is properly planned right from the very start of your project.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation on what it would cost for us to provide security planning services for your new facility.

Silva Consultants is located near Seattle, Washington.

Our primary service area is Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, but we serve clients in all parts of the United States.

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