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Security Policies and Procedures

Do you need a comprehensive set of written security policies and procedures for your company or organization?


Whether you are starting from scratch, or just need a review and update of your existing security policies and procedures, Silva Consultants can help. For more than 35 years, we have been helping organizations of all types in preparing written security policies and procedures manuals.


Many organizations have the development of security policies and procedures on their “to-do” list, but don’t ever seem to complete the job. They often lack the time required to properly carry out this task, or don’t feel technically qualified to sort through some of the areas of security that must be addressed. In many cases, the individual given this responsibility is overwhelmed and doesn’t even know where to begin.


Silva Consultants uses a proven, structured method to develop policies and procedures for physical security. We begin by reviewing the client’s existing security policies and procedures. Some of our clients are just beginning to create their security program and have little or nothing for us to review. At the other end of the spectrum are clients which literally have boxes and boxes of security policies and procedures documents; many of which are outdated or in conflict with one another.


We then create a written outline that addresses all topics that are to be included in the security policies and procedures manual. Depending on the type and size of the organization, this outline could include 50 to 500 security-related topics that are to be considered for inclusion in the manual.

The next step is to conduct a series of workshops with the client. During the workshops, our consultant leads the clients’ team through a series of discussions that address each of the topics in the written outline. Each workshop typically lasts from four to six hours, and it typically takes between three and five workshops to get through all of the topics in the outline.


At the conclusion of the workshops, we then prepare a draft version of the Security Policies and Procedures Manual. This document is then submitted to the client for review and comment.


After all input from the client has been received, we then prepare a final version of the Security Policies and Procedures Manual. This is submitted to the client in editable, electronic format so that the document can be continuously updated as needed. We can also work with the client to prepare a web-based policies and procedures manual that can be made available on the client’s intra-net.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation on what it would cost for us to prepare a comprehensive security policies and procedures manual for your organization.


Did You Know?

Most organizations do not have an accurate or up-to-date set of security policies and procedures in place

Silva Consultants is located near Seattle, Washington.

Our primary service area is Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, but we serve clients in all parts of the United States.

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